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TDA has the best team of instructors with various groups specializing in different dance styles. our instructors of different styles visits each of our centre in every 3 month.

B-besh (Bhabesh Mahanta ) Founder & Artistic Director

B-besh is the brain behind Trinant Dance Academy. He lives and breathes dance and has had the courage and conviction to follow his dreams. B-besh is a perfectionist, laying great emphasis on technique and also on attitude and interpretation of the music. He is trained extensively in Indian and Western dance disciplines, both with international & national faculties.

Hip-hop, Freestyle, Bollywood, Contemporary & Jazz.
B-besh (Bhabesh Mahanta)
Founder & Artistic Director
James. L . Huggins (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary)

James. L. Huggins was born and raised in Bronx, New York. He has been dancing for years, but began his technical training while attending Buffalo State College. With guidance from Janet Reed, Carlos R. A Jones, Joy Guarino & Leanne Rinneli he has learned Ballet, Modern, African Jazz and even a bit of Bollywood. After graduating, James has travelled to China, where he picked up varied traditional Chinese dance forms from the Director of Capital Normal University Dance Program.

Specialization: African Jazz, Modern, Contemporary & Fusion Dance.
Christopher J Tittus (Hip-Hop)

Christopher J Tittus is a self taught Hip-Hop dancer of U.S.A. He began developing his skills at the age of 11 and quickly loved the craft of Hip-Hop dance. At 23, Christopher is highly skilled in Hip-Hop Choreography, Performance & Freestyle and also Dancehall & Krump. Christopher’s aim is to spread the joy of dance through his unique dance style “Raw Style Project”.

Specialization: Hip-Hop & Freestyle.
Moinul Haque (Mime)

Moinul Haque is a born artist and has moved ease and aplomb from stage comedy to mime and is not only the pioneer but the undisputed master in the field of Mime from India. He ventured in the early 1970 as a mono actor but soon formed a group called “Sound & Comedy”. Moinul Haque has been awarded the “ Sangeet Natak Akademi ” Award in 2009 by Government of India and also “Senior Fellowship” Award in 2000 by the Department of Culture Government of India for Mime. Moinul Haque is the only performer of this art form to cross the maximum number of 5000+ stage performances in India and abroad.
Bipul Das (Kathak)

Bipul Das received his initial training at the Kathak Kendra under the guidance of Late Guru Shri Kundanlal Gangani. After a three year diploma course in Jaipur style of Kathak, he was awarded national scholarship by the Department of Culture, Government of India for further training at the Kendra under Padmavibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj and has a distinction of being the first Assamese to receive the national scholarship. He has participated in various dance festivals held in Russia, Holland, Cyprus, Norway, Kuopi, Athens, Rome, Vienna, France etc. He is famous for the record breaking performance as Frayer for twenty times in the ballet Romeo Juliet choreographed by Saswati Sen and music composer Pt Birju Maharaj and Louis Banks.

Specialization: Kathak.
Jannet Reed

Jannet Reed is a passionate trainer, performer & an award winning choreographer from New York. She is the Artistic Director of the Buffalo Inner City Ballet and an Assistant Professor of Dance at Buffalo State College.

She developed and taught ‘The History of Black Dance Movement and Black Dance Technique’ in the state University College at Buffalo, New York. In 2011, she created a certificate program in western dance technique for an NGO based in New Delhi, India.

Reed has also performed in many dance festivals throughout the world, most recently the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland for the second time as well as Guatemala City, Paris, Amsterdam, Essen, Germany and Beijing, China.

Specialization: Ballet, Contemporary, Tap & Afro-Jazz.
Atalya Baumer

Miss Atalya Baumer is an independent choreographer and a western dance teacher from Israel. She was born in Kibbutz Haogen In Emek Hefer, Israel. She received her B.Dance (B.A in Dance) and her teaching certificate from The High Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. After 6 years of working in the field of dance In Israel, in January 13 she traveled to India In order to peruse dance in India. In the past two years Atalya has been teaching dance, choreographing and doing different dance and art projects in several cities in India – Mainly Bangalore and Mumbai, and also Delhi, Puna, Hyderabad. Atalya has been working with big institutes and companies in India such as: Attakkallari, Terence Lewis dance company and Academy, The Danceworx, Splitsoul, Gati, India Ballet etc.

Specialization: Modern Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz.
James. L . Huggins
(Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary)
Christopher J Tittus
Moinul Haque
Bipul Das
Jannet Reed
Atalya Baumer